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Retail Curbside
Please Note: We are not accepting bag returns at this time.

Download pictures to view. CURBSIDE INFORMATION IMAGE

**At all times – REMAIN in your vehicle**

These are unprecedented times, and although we are not operating ‘business as usual’ yet, we have been able to implement a Social Distancing Strategy to allow for Curbside Pickup of orders. We have processes in place for your safety and ours, so please ensure you follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Before arriving at any Greenhorizons location, ensure you have placed your order online. We will email you a copy of your order details and confirming your pick-up information.
  2. When you arrive, please pull into a Numbered Parking Spot for Curbside Pick-Up.
  3. Wait in your vehicle and a yard attendant will come to you with your order based on the vehicle information you provided.
    1. We ask for your patience as we get through all orders.
    2. If all spots are filled, please wait in your vehicle off to the side, until a spot becomes available. It is important you do not block the entrance/exit or any of the large Greenhorizons Trucks coming in and out.
  4. *When loading, please be aware that we are unable to go inside your vehicle, if required, for loading. This applies to Vans and occupant areas of all vehicles. Please remain inside your vehicle at all times while the yard attendant is present.